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Home & Garden Pest Control Services

At Florida Environmental Exterminators, we pride ourselves on providing advanced pest control services that reduce the risk of your exposure to pests and vermin that threaten your health. With years of education and training and the use of modern technology, we're able to provide your home with the best protection possible. We guarantee a safe, effective, and professional job every time.

Insects & Other Bugs

Pest Control
You can prevent pests from entering your home through sanitation and habitat modification. We can also use trapping, pesticides, and biological control methods. These are most effective when used in combination. We can rid your home of ants, roaches, silverfish, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, flies, wasps, spiders, and other stored-product pests.

Lawn & Landscape Pest Control
Proper identification is very important. When an insect is correctly identified, we can provide information regarding its life cycle, food preferences, habitat, and whether it is beneficial or harmful to your lawn. Common garden pests include chinch bugs, white grubs, sod webworms, grasshoppers, snails, caterpillars, aphids, mealy bugs, and scale.

Landscape Fertilizing & Disease Control
Another way to protect your yard and keep your lawn healthy is to fertilize regularly. We offer slow-release granule fertilizing and root-injection fertilizing. These guard against weeds, fungus, viruses, and harmful bacteria.

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